Murphy’s Law Space Coast is an 80’s, 90’s Central Florida Rock Cover band that also plays a very broad range of genres from Classic, Country, Alternative and Current tunes that will keep you off your seat!

Photo Credit: Ruth Anne Lavalle

Carrie Anne Jamison-Glass

Lead Vocals

Carrie Anne has been singing since she could walk. From Catholic School Choir to High School Chorus Class, music became her life. She moved to Palm Bay Florida from the small State of Rhode Island 5 years ago and has pursued her passion as a musician and lead vocalist ever since. She has been leading the band Murphy’s Law Space Coast for the past 4 years and has been Rockin’ Brevard County ever since with 80’s and 90’s tunes being her passion and heart of this local cover band. her inspirations are The band Heart with lead vocalist Ann Wilson, Martina McBride and Evanescence’s Amy lee. She will get your blood pumping with her insane vocal range.

William Glass

Drums/Percussion and Vocals

William Glass has been beating to the beat of a drum as far back as he can remember. He started drum lessons as an early teen and soon after started in a local band called Elgin Hooper. Bill has been playing drums now and other percussion instruments for over 45 years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Lynryd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple where some of his true inspiration. Entertaining became a way of life for William. He has a passion for life and works to inspire others through music. Drums are just one of his passions and he also can nail some great vocals.

Ken Sharp


Info coming

Chip Cruey

Bass and Vocals

Charles “Chip” Cruey is a legendary bass player here in Brevard County. He started playing bass when he was just 15. He has been in local bands for over 45 years. Chip started playing in the band Elgin Hooper with our Lead guitar player David Green in 1986. He also recorded Elgin Hooper’s first CD in 1998. He has a passion for the bass like no other and it shows with every strum. Chip immerses himself in his music to the very sole of every song. The late ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill and Lynryd Skynyrd’s Leon Wilkerson are a few of his true inspirations. He has a passion for classic and current Rock N’ Roll. Always ready to try new things as the sky is the limit and with his talent anything is possible.

Michael Snider

Guitar and Vocals

Michael Snider picked up his first guitar when he was just 10 years old. Mike recently joined Murphy’s Law’s as our Rhythm Guitar Player however he also enjoys playing drums, bass and Keyboards. Mike’s versatility gives us a flare no other local band can compete with. He started in local bands here in Brevard County in 2014. His earlier years consisted of creating duo’s and backing tracks before getting serious in the early 90’s. His inspirations are Chet Atkins also known as Mr. Guitar and Les Paul himself.

Kyle Jamison

Audio Engineer

Kyle Jamison’s love of music started at the early age of 7; music was a large part of his life throughout his teens. He has performed in several bands from his late teens to early 20s, working gigs on the Rhode Island, Massachusetts club circuit. At 25, Kyle took on the role of a live sound engineer and worked at a local sound company, New England Live Audio. There, he learned the ropes of setting up, running shows, and tearing down PAs in different venues, including clubs, outdoor events, corporate events, and even the Boston Garden. As a live sound engineer, Kyle has worked all over New England, from corporate events to large multi-day festivals such as; Fall River Celebrates America, Roger Williams Zoo – Feast with the Beasts, and Woonsocket Autumn Fest, to name a few. He has worked with B.B. King, Chaka Khan, Doug Belle and Bellevue Cadillac, and Room Full of Blues to name a few. Since moving to Florida, Kyle is now the exclusive sound engineer and production manager for Murphy’s Law.

In addition to 80’s and 90’s, Murphy’s Law Space Coast has a very broad range of genres from Classic, Country, Alternative and Current tunes that make you want to dance the night away. Murphy’s Law Space Coast entertains local bars, restaurants, outdoor festivals, various fund raisers and private parties among other venues.